Napisz wypracowanie na dowolny temat <tylko nie jakis straszny może być np jakaś książka o np zmierzch i te trzy dalsze cześci, no może być tez jakiś cfilm albo jeszcze sami wymyślcie>używają podanych przeze mnie wymienników ma zająć nie mniej niż 2 str w zeszycie

a result
so.. that
becaus of
owing to
due to
in spite of

bardzo zależy mni na czasie bo zadanie mam na poniedziałek! plis pomórzcie;p z góry dzięki:*



My favourite actor is Robert Pattinson. He is very young and gorgeous and he is only 23 year old. So he is British actor, musician and model. Robert was born in May 1986 in London. I like this city because it is huge, beautifull and very interesting. I want to go there but it' is impossible now. It is a waste.
First time I saw him in Harry Potter but I don't know who is he. Today I watch every movie with him. Robert has very difficult roles in "Little Ashes" and "Haunted Airman". So, he is very good actor. I like his role in "Twilight" and "New moon". This movie are about good and bad vampires. A result I love these films.
Robert plays the guitar and the piano. It is amazing. I dream of play the piano but it is only my dream. He has amazing voice. I love his song, my favourite is "Let me sing". This song joins pain and san feelings. That it is perfect! I can listen "Let me sing" over and over.
I love this actor although are people who hate him.