1.Write 6 sentences about your family. Use the comparative or superlative form of some of the adjectives in the box and give explantions.
2.Correct the sentences
So far,I didn't make any new friends
Next term he studies French and Spanish
She just taken her last exam



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My family is amazing. I love them with all my heart. They're the only people that I know I can count on. My mother is a cheerful and energetic person. She always makes me laugh. I usually go shopping with her. My father is a healthy, well-builed man. I enjoy spending time with him because it's always very pleasant. My sister is a very sensitive girl. She's also extroverted. I love her very much.

1) I haven't made any new friends, so far.
2) Next term he's going to study French and Spanish.
3) She has just taken her last exam.

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