Movie is fairest from which in my opinion " twilight " so far I been ever watch. There is my fairest hero, Bella. Actress very well goods play Bella.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
''Twilight'' is the best movie I've ever watched. It's a story about vampires, werewolfes and human beings. Two main characters - Bella and Edward fell in love with each other. Edward is a vampire and Bella is just a normal person. At the begginig Bella doesn't know that the boy is a vampire. She finds out later, and Edward admitts to it. She has a crush on the boy and he loves her too. At first Edward says, that he can't be with Bella, because he is going to hurt her even if he doesn't mean to. But then the boy realises how much he loves Bella, he sees that he can't live without her. They hang out together and spend time with themeselves. They're in an important relationship. Bella meets Jacob - her father's best friend's son. Jacob likes Bella. He thinks she's pretty and nice. He fell in love with the girl, but Bella doesn't feel the same way to him as he does to her. She treats him like a normal friend. I like that movie and I think it deserves to be called an awesome film.

Proszę, nameczylam sie troszke, licze na naj, jesli bedzie najlepsze. ;)
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Seventeen Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart), hidden in a teenage girl coming from sunny Phoenix to carry out his father to a small, rainy town in Washington - Forks. The new school meets almost painfully handsome Edward (Robert Pattinson), who definitely does not fit the image the rest of the class average. Bella does not realize even matter how ...

Edward unusual behavior raises suspicions and stoking the curiosity - after all, a teenager who can stop a car with their bare hands to save her from an accident and could barely scratch at the same time? The answer is simple - one that is fascinated by her. One who barely tolerate her presence, yet he can not resist. One that is ... a vampire.

The film is based on the novel by Stephenie Mayer Fri "Twilight" saga in which the first volume of the same name, has attracted millions of viewers to cinemas worldwide. This, seemingly trivial, the story has a unique atmosphere. Certainly leading to a memory, because in the end how often we have the opportunity to see 'love affair with a vampire?

Is there a chance that Bella and Edward met closely, without losing their nerve and blood ...? What will prevail - the desire to love and call of nature? When I invite you to answer the cinema, really worth it.