My winter holidays were amazing. I spent them in Kair in Egypt. I really loved the piramides and the whole city was awesome ! I went there with my family. The hotel was extremely nice. It had 4 stars. Some of my friends, who spend their winter holidays in Poland were freezing because it was really cold in our country. But not me ! I was sunbathing and swimming in the pool. The sun was shining everyday ! I hope I'll go there one more time !

licze na naj ;)
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These winter holidays spent at home, but it was so super.Razem with friends we left the house to be abandoned to the cinema śniegiem.Chodziliśmy different films.Nigdy not spent so wonderful holidays.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hmmm... w domu?

I spend my winter holidays mostly at home. I didn't go to any other country. I played a lot of computer games and did homework. Sometimes I listened to music. I've been on sleds. Almost everyday I've been going to my friend's house. That's how i spend my free time.
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