Sheet of paper from the diary,


Dear Diary! This day was exceptional! This morning the mum told me we were going for holidays to Las Vegas. Wow! I didn't think that generally speaking somewhere we would go, and here I ask - Las Vegas! really, terribly I am pleased! Tomorrow I will already start packing up;) yeah, when I said about it at school, normally they did it on me such eyes and didn't want to believe me. I cannot enjoy. But it is not everything on today. When I came to the school, about little I didn't faint - for mistress of history,Romowicz, she said I had written the test best of the entire class what for me still never happened - I am not too good at history, for the half year I had 3. When I told the mum about it, it is she more was probably surprised than I. Diary! I cannot already wait until the June - then we are leaving. For the month. I must unfortunately finish, I have much thing for packing and who knows - perhaps I will have 4 for the end of the year from history???;) I have such quiet hope for it;)Oh, I cannot already wait until!

;) Mogą być błędy ;)