Silesian woman's apparels differ depending on region, even individual cities and villages, they date from that. It is proper to notice too, that manners of dressing mutually were penetrated along with relocation in population XIX and XX century. Silesian inhabitants for fashion city begin also fit apparel, it has changed that appearance of apparel more else. Manners can be dressed on three generally Ślązaczka.

Men's apparel consists with (from) szaketu, vests westy, white shirt, silk chustki jedwobki or ribbons szlajfki, galot or trousers or bizoków or on edge trousers tabloid and szczewików or shoes. hat bore on head plants Ślązak or hat . Apparel of man presently is called ancugiem, this name is associated with suit mainly. However, it remembers people niewielu, that word means men's apparel in silesian local dialect generally ancug as well as feminine.
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