My family is amazing. My mother always makes me laugh. She's very funny. I spend a nice time with her. She's the one that I can always count on. Sometimes when I've got a big problem I turn to my mum. Usually it's her that I ask for help. And I can always rely on her. She's a teacher. She works in my school. I like it, because we always go to school together by foot. My father hovewer, is a strong and well-builed man. He is a businessman. When he comes home after work he's always tired. I often make him a cup of coffe and give him the newspaper. I feel like it's my duty. I'm very proud of my parents. I've never thought that they're not good for me. They hardly ever scream on me, get mad at me, and that's why I really respect them. I've also got a brother. He's twenty years old. He studies in college and always gives me advice about what to do when I've got problems with boys. He's always there for me. He never lets me down. If he finds out that some of the boys are not nice to me, he gets angry and gets them. I mean, he doesn't hurt them, but he threatens them. After this, they respect me. I love my family !

proszę Cię darling.. ;) masz wiecej niz 24, ale sa krotkie. jakbys miala jakies pytania, napisz na priv ! bye ;)
My sister usually goes running on Monday.
2. My dad never eats breakfast.
3. I always listen to music before dream.
4. My sister sometimes watchs TV with me.
5. My dog usually sleeps with me.
6. My cat sometimes enjoys with my dog.
7. My mum often makes cake for sunday's dinner.
8. My brother often goes to disco.
9. My unkle often visits us.
10. I usually eat corn flakes or sandwiches with ham
11. My parents always go shopping on Sunday.
12. Our children never come with us.
13. we go often a restaurant on Friday.
14. I always go to school .
15. My unkle never flies by plane.
16. We often goes France in spring.
17. My dog always barks at Postman.
18. He always leaves his things over the place
19. My dad usually goes to work by bus.
20. My mum never plays on computer games.
21. I hardly ever drink milk.
22. My aunt always drinks coffee in the morning.
23. My sister often gets up late.
24. My grandparents never like chips.