Proszę o sprawdzenie mojej pracy na język angielski, chciałam się dowiedzieć czy dobrze została napisana, no i ewentualnie jakieś poprawki z Waszej strony.

Hi! My name’s Ola Wilczak, and I’d like to introduce myself to you.
I’m fifteen years old. I’m from Poland. I am going to middle school, to class 2.
My favourite subject is biology, and I belong to an organization “MAKE THAT CHANGE”
This foundation aims to help sick children and the struggle for ecology.
The ecological action “EARTH SONG DAY” will be held in Cracow in the holiday.
At the moment we are the working performance under the title “Peter Pan”.
We want children in hospitals and hospices for a moment forgot about his illness and felt happy. We want to give them the magic.
I love to help people!
What am I like ? I think I’m helpful and quite sociable, but I like being on my own as well. In the evenings I often listen to music. I like playing football and handball.
I am an average student. I am not a very hard–working, but when I try to begin something.
I want to bring to perfection.
Like everybody, I’m not perfect! My mother says I don’t tidy my room very often, and my father thinks I spend too much on clothes, magazines and CD’s



Jak dla mnie to jest nieźle napisane :) sama bym lepiej nie umiała.
Rawo bez błendnie :_) ja nie znaalazłem nic:______)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Moim zdaniem wszystko jest dobrze :)