Mialam to ostatnio na angolu zadane dostałam 5 wiec prosze ;*

Holidays mineły for me very quickly. In the first week I went out with friends to the toboggan. It was great although I came back all wet. In the second week I went with my sister to the cinema. I would like so that such holidays last forever.
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I have gone to grandmother on vacation. There was great very. I have seen my small cousin. We walked with from on walk her it daily .Ale that I will arrive soon.
My hollidays was the best of all!
I went to the theater and saw Dance of the Wampires. After the show I went to wc and stuck there. Someone opened the doors and helped me get out of there. suddenly I realised that it was A main actor ! we exchanged a few words about the act and he told me that I can be great actor one day and also that he whant to be my teacher.
Wow ... my career started there.
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