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1. My favourite place in Poland
2. A new town

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1)My favourite place in Poland is Ustka. I like this city, and I have been spending my marvelous holiday there every year. Every time I have to come back home, there is always a why so soon feeling in my heart.
So, where is this special town situated? It is in the north of Poland, on the coast, on the Baltic Sea. There are beautiful, green, coniferous forests nearby and a long, sandy beach where you can find amber if you are a lucky dog. However, what I like the most in Ustka is the boardwalk. You will not be bored here. The place is full of happy, walking people, polite sellers who have a number of colourful items for sale and talented street musicians, actors, painters and dancers.
Each summer a big roundabout arrives at a local stadium and I have a real hoot when I can look at the world upside down. Celebrities give perform here every night and interesting things happen, for example a fireworks show, stuntmen performances, and varied contests.
For me Ustka is a magical seaside resort, where I can forget about my ugly hometown, where there is the highest unemployment in Poland. I enjoy Ustka for one reason that is more very prominent. I always meet there great and crazy people, who become my dear friends and cannot, live without me, what is more, I sometimes fall in love. I like this place very much.

2)The following excerpt is from The Newtown Story: One Community's Fight for Environmental Justice, written by Southern Changes managing editor Ellen Spears and photographed by Atlanta independent photojournalist Michael A. Schwarz. This oral history chronicles the story of Newtown, an African-American neighborhood in Gainesville, Georgia.

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1)In Poland Warsaw is my stomping ground, since he is a capital city of my country. Not only therefore I like Warsaw. there is a plenty of room there worth watching and touring; monuments, churches (niżej jest tłumaczenie)
Moim ulubionym miejscem w Polsce jest Warszawa, ponieważ jest stolicą mojego kraju. Nie tylko dlatego lubię Warszawę. jest tam dużo miejsc wartych obejrzenia i zwiedzenia; zabytki, kościoły