My favourite dish spahetti. are these are dumpling which are being eaten with the tomato sauce. It is possible to sprinkle it with the yellow grated cheese. It is possible to eat her to the dinner.

moją ulubioną potrawą jest spahetti. są to kluski, które je się z sosem pomidorowym. Można to posypać startym serem żółtym. Można jeść ją na obiad.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Food-Japanese sushi. It is prepared with rice and various seafood, fish, vegetables, mushrooms and eggs. Preparing them in many ways, but regardless of the method of preparation, constant is that the rice for this dish is zakrapia rice vinegar. Meat ingredients are usually tough, but there must be such and is not characteristic of sushi. In the case of sushi with the ingredients in meat consumption is preferred to be within a maximum of three hours after preparation.
You can eat sushi with your fingers. But it is important to eat all the pieces together. It is forbidden to leave nadgryzionego piece on a plate. For the sushi is always given to the soy dipping sauce, green Japanese horseradish wasabi to mix with the sauce and pickled ginger, which should be eaten (or chew) in small quantities between different types of dishes. Ginger cleanses because taste buds, which consequently allows for a stronger sense of taste of the next piece, consisting of a different kind of fish. For the same reasons, is also discouraged drinking water while eating sushi. Served with sushi is the most green tea (often Hojicha).
In restaurants, be given special kits sushi, but you can also compose such a set in person. Ready sets have different names, but quite often appear, such as ume (plum "- a set of cheap), take (bamboo" - a set of intermediate), and Matsu ( "pine" - a set of neat). Such kits include various pieces of sushi. They usually cost less than the sets selected by the customer.
Please note that some of the allowances to be given along with a set of sushi are already contained in a fog. An example is the wasabi horseradish, which is added on one side of the fish before wrapping a piece of nori, or cover it with rice. Because of the extremely intense flavor and characteristics should be careful during the additional consumption.

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Peach cake
tort brzoskwiniowy

Cakes eat on birthdays it (them) or on weddings .
Torty jeść się je na urodziny lub na weselach.

For example, it is tasty as anybody < somebody > like to eat for some people candies.
jest smaczny dla niektórych ludzi na przykład jak ktoś lubi jeść słodycze.
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