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1) formę powitania
2) zapytanie o samopoczucie
3) co ci się przydarzyło
4) z kim byłeś
5) gdzie i kiedy się zgubiłeś
6) jaka była pogoda
7) kto i kiedy was znalazł
8) kiedy i jak dostałeś się do domu
9) jak się czułeś podczas zdarzenia
10) pożegnanie

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Mark!

How are you? You didn't write to me for a long time so I was afraid if you were alright. You won't believe what happened to me! I was in Zakopane with my brother in the winter holidays. One day we deciced to go hiking in the mountains. When we were already quite far from our hotel the weather went bad and the storm began! We were very scared and didn't know what to do but fortunately some men from Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue came across then they helped us. Then we could come back safely to the hotel. After this event we were too tired to stay there so we decided to go back home.Now your turn to tell me how are things going at you.I'm looking forward for your answer.

Best wishes for you and your entire family!

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Worship ..................!
What can you to hear at you?How do you feel sie?
Do I write to you , because I want you to tell about this what sie happened me.
When I already left on the holiday on the Hawaii first day I got lost. I went in the nerd of the island to look on nearer nature .I losted after several minutes.
I did not know where I have to go, did not have the range in the telephone and was from friends so far that shouting anyone me he had not heard.
Did sad sit down under the tree and meditate what to do now. there was terrible torrid heat..There was hungry and spragniona.I waited under the tree the half day, until I heard loud call of my friends. I knew that the help came. I saw my package after five minutes. Happy said that nothing is me and we came back to the hotel.After on the island nowhere I did not walk alone.
I came back after three weeks home. I am careful now that it was very nicely except this that I lost one's way.
I wait for the message from you.
I greet

Pisałam sama,ale niewiem czy na pewno o to chodzi:)Mam nadzieję że pomogłam:)
Dear Ania,
Hello. How are you? I am writing to you to tell about something surprising that happened to me. I lost during trip!

I was going on a landmark trip. It was sunny and hot day. I was with my close friend Mike We were driving by bus in a group of 30 people. When we stopped near the wood to have a break, me and my friend started playing in hiding. It was a 30 minutes break so me did not worried about time. We played in the wood. When I found him we appeared to be lost.I felt terrible. We walked about an hour and we finally heard a voice. Fortunately, It was our teacher. We continued our trip. It had a really great time.

After I had returned home, I told my parents about what happened and they only laughed at me. =] Reply quickly. Bye.

Your friend