1.What...Leo usually...(do) after school?
2.He...(goes) to the park with his friends and they...(play) football.
3.What...he...(do) at the moment?
4.He...(jump) on his skatebaord.
5.Where...he...(spend) half term? about street crime?
7.I...(think) some city streets...(get) quite
8.A lot of teenagers...(worry) about their weight.
9.Most British teenagers...(eat) chips at least twice a week!



1. does, do
2. goes, play
3. is, doing
4. is jumping
5. did, spend
6. did, worried
7. think, got
8. worry
9. eat
2 4 2
1. What does Leo usually do after school?
2. He goes to the park with his friends and they play football
3. What is he doing at the moment?
4. He's jumping on the skateboard
5. Where was he spend half term?
6. Are you worried about street crime?
7. I think some city streets get quite dangerous
8. A lot of teenagers worried about their weight
9. Most British teenagers eat chips at least twice a week!

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