Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The worst day of my life was February 21, 2003 year. He was to be one of the better days in the winter holidays, but proved to be the worst in life. In order not to be bored in the holidays we went to town with her friends. We went to the cinema, shopping mall and We went around the city. After some time we went to the rink. I bought a ticket for 1 hour. We learn to ride, we went really well, it was very good. Time and time passed quickly tap run like a glove. Descending from the rink buy ticket for 1 more hour.We ride and at one point in capsized. She started me very hurt leg, went up to our lord rink manager. Leg no longer hurt, but rather more painful. Called an ambulance, arrived and took me. The hospital went into my leg in plaster. I was very sorry about this, that no more pojeżdzę the holidays on ice skates. And it was so cool!