Czy może mi ktoś sprawdzić czy dobrze napisałem wypracowanie????
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A oto treść:
Shawn was 18. Shawn wasn’t a typical person in his age. He had something special in his spirit and in his style. He was wearing red sneakers, brown socks, black jeans, pink t-shirt, blue jacket with some yellow. He moved to New York month ago, so he was new in town and he didn’t have friends. In his new school everybody was laughing at his clothe style and Shawn didn’t feel good. His dad dead when he had two year old in strange accident and his mother have been working for all the time. Shawn was alone. One day he got up at strange time. It was 5:55. He decided that he would go out. He put on his clothes and he went to park. In the park he saw something fantastic. Five guys from famous rock band were sitting on the grass in park. They approached to Shawn and they were talking about Shawn’s style. At the end they said that Shawn style was a style that they wanted. In short time after this strange situation Shawn became very popular person and he had many friends.



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