Napisz (po angielsku) list do kolegi z Anglii. W swoim liście napisz:
- o tym, jak spędziłeś ferie zimowe
- opisz swoje plany na nadchodzące wakacje
- opisz krótko swoje nowe mieszkanie
- prześlij pozdrowienia dla niego i jego rodziny



Merry friend!
I just finished my holidays.All spent two weeks in the Alps. The weather was excellent. A lot going down on skis. So I liked this laziness blithely that have already started thinking about vacation. I can not wait for them. This year, along with his parents and sister fly to Turkey. The sun, the beach ... dream. As before, I wrote to you recently moved. We live now in their big house with huge garden and swimming pool. It is wonderful! I have my own room in the attic, as I have always wanted. I will not write more, because you'll see for yourself the charm of my new home as you arrive. I can not wait. Meanwhile I am finishing. I send greetings from the cold snow Polish for you and your entire family.
Yours X

Dear Peter
I miss you. How do you feel? Do you know that I had winter holidays? I think so.

I'll describe them. I was in Zakopane. I learnt skiing. I'm quite good, but my older brother is better. In the evenings I was so tired, but it was my best winter holidays from years. I read a lot of books, for example: "Dead Poet's Society". It's a great book.

I'm looking forward to holidays. I'm going to visit Prague with my parents and my brother Paweł. We're going to be there for weekend, but I'm so happy about this. I saw this city in pictures and I think that it's beautiful. We're going to see every landmark in Prague. Isn't great?

Oh, our new flat is beauty. There is a kitchen, bathroom, living room and three bedrooms: my parents' room, my room and my brother's room. Living room is modern. There is a couch, TV, a bookstand and a big window in it.

I have to go. Greeting from me to your family.
Best wishes.