Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nosacz sundajski, Azja

Long, hanging nose adorned with only the males (the fair sex is short and upturned nose) and is likely to reinforce issued by sound, which rivals warn of their presence, or respond to courting a female. Nosacz are not territorial animals. At dusk, many groups come together in one place to spend the night together. The male is almost half more than the female, and weighs up to 24 kg. Nosacz family consists of a male and his females and their children. Such a group can expect even thirty individuals. Always guided by the dominant male, he also security guards. But it is not an absolute ruler of his harem.

Females competing for his attention, often triggered by the same approximation, and each may leave the group and join another. However, there are situations in which it enforces its will, not to mention the opinion of a partner. The dramatic course of the conflict in the group was able to observe scientists from the university in Taiwan, when the group leader was killed by a younger male. New leader in place of fertile females accepted. So he started immediately for the cleanup in his newly acquired family. They consisted of getting rid of all infants are the offspring of its predecessor. Podbiegał new usurper to his mother with a young and biting them or tried to jerk her hand. Other females, probably his grandmother and aunt newborn ruszały help. Tom, however, so long troubled youngsters, until all were killed. Nosacz Sundanese is endemic. Wild populations can be found only on one island in the world - in Borneo. Always live near water - in the mangrove forests on the coast or the river, the rainforest in the interior of the island. These monkeys are excellent swimmers. Crossing the river is a form of escape from predators. In 2000 nosacz were included in the list of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) as a species threatened with extinction. Deforestation in Borneo is a major cause of decline in these monkeys.