Proszę napiszcie mi to fonetycznie jak to się wymawia

The title of my favourite film is ''First Love''. The action takes place in Wrocław. Each episode lasts 50 minutes and it's being shown from Monday to Friday. The main characters are Marysia and Pavel. My favourite character is Artur Kulczycki. He's a person who doesn't care about anything and he is interested in parties. That's my favourite movie, because the stories of the characters are the same as ours - normal people.



De tajtel of maj fejworit film is first low . de akszyn tejks plejs in wroc£aw. ijcz episo£d lasts fiftin minyts end its bi-ing szo£n from mandej tu fajdej. de mejn karakters ar marysia end pawe£. maj fejworit karakter is artur kulczycki. hi's e person hu dazynt ker eba£t enyfing end hi is intrested in partis. dats maj fejworit muwi, bikos de storis of de karakters ar de sejm as a£ers - narmal pipul.

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
De tajtel of my fejworit film is ferst law. de akszyn teiks pleis in Wrocław. Icz episołd lasts fifti minyts and its biing szołn from mandi to frajdi. De mejn karikters ar Marysia and Pawel. Maj fejworit karikter is Artur Kulczycki. His e person hu dazynt ker ebałt enyfing end he is intrested in partis. Deds maj fejworit muwi, bikos de storis of de karikters ar de sejm es ałrs - normal pipol.

O to chodziło?
De titl of maj fejwrit film is " Forst Lov" . De akszyn tejks plejs is Wrocław . Icz episod lasts fifti minyts and its bing szołn from Mondej tu Frajdej . De mejn charakters ar Marysia and Pawel . maj fejwrit charakter is Artur Kulczycki . His a person hu dasynt kar abołt enytink and hi is interestyd in parties . Dats maj fejwrit mówi , bikos de storis of de charakters ar de sejm as ałrs - normal pipul .

Mam nadzieję , że będziesz mógł/mogła to przeczytać :)
powodzenia ;)