Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. There was a bit of sugar in thid cup.
2. There was a person on the bridge.
3. There was a cat on the roof.
4. There was a girl with pink T-shirt on the street.
5. There was a boy with baloon in garden, but suddenly, he disappear.
1. There were flowers in flowerpot.
2. There were lot of children on the playground.
3. There were two cats on the tree
4. There were seven colours on the raindbow last monday.
5. There were my parents in the house.
1. There wasn't any cat in the house.
2. There wasn't any person on the street.
3. There wasn't any baloon at the sky.
4. There wasn't just a little bit of water.
5. There wasn't any flower in flowerpot.
1. There weren't cars in the street.
2. There weren't flowers in the garden.
3. There weren't animals in the zoo.
4. There weren't children in school.
5. There weren't birds in the sky.
5 4 5