Dear Adam,
I am writing to thank you soo much for an MP3 player. It is very useful and had great sound. Everytime I go to school, I use it and listening some awesome songs.
I really enjoyed my birthday. Mum and Dad gave me some money because I'm saving for a holiday in Germany. Piotr gave me a DVD of Avatar. The film is gorgeous! Have you seen it? I saw twice and still I love it.

I hope you answer. Thanks again for the MP3 player.

All the best
Dear .........

I received your address from my frieng. He has received too many letters from girls and boys in England and cannot write to all of them. So he gave me one- yours. I hope you don't mind.
First of all I would like to indroduce myself. My name is ........ I am....... yeras old. I have a sisters, she is younger than me.
My hobby is music and films. I can play the pianino. Can you play any musical instrument?
I learn English at school and we have English classes twice a week. Evry lesson last 45 minutes. Do you have lessons 45 minutes long in England, too? And breaks? In Poland breaks usually last 5 minutes, but there is one "long braek" which lasts 20 minutes and then we can have a sandwich.
I have 5-6 lesson every day. Saturdays and Sundays are gree. How many lesson do you have and do you do to school on Saturday?
Please write me somethings about you, your family and your school.

Best regards,