Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
There was a lot of traffic.
There was some water in my glass.
There was such a beautiful view.
There was a big flower in the vase.
There was a terrified horror film in the cinema.

There wasn't any air in that bottle.
There wasn't a cat in my living room.
There wasn't a tiger in the zoo.
There wasn't a cake in the kitchen.
There wasn't any juice in my fridge.

There were flowers in the garden.
There were chairs in the classroom.
There were candies in my bag.
There were a lot of funny jokes about blond girls.
There were some scary films in the cinema.

There weren't bears in the zoo.
There weren't cold winters in Spain.
There weren't eggs for pancakes.
There weren't books what I need for school.
There weren't tickets for the concert.

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