Zadanie 1
Uzupełnij list pisując w luki (1-4) brakujące wyrazy. Użyj wyrazów które podam w odpowiedniej formie. Wyrazy: write, know, say, come.

Dear teachers,
We are 1.________ to invite you to the meeting with our parents that will take place on monday everyning in our school canteen.We would like to 2.________ goodbye and thank you all for your hard work with us during these three years of junior high school. Please, let us 3.________ if you are 4._______ .

Zadanie 2
Pzeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto pięć fragmentów zdań. Uzupełnij luki (1-5) w tekście odpowiednimi fragmentami (A-F) tak aby był on spójny i logiczny . Jeden fragment zdania podano dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.

Bullying is a situaction when one person, 1._______ , is treated is a very unpleasant, unfair or even violent way. Every day, lost of teenagers are afraid to go to school because they know that they will be bullied again. Quite often, parents and even teachers don't know what is happening at school. But even if they do, 2.________. There are two basic teasons why pupils are bullied. 3._______ . Another reasons is their social status, that is, whether they are rich or poor. There are also other reasons, for instance, their race or their religion. 4.________. However, there are more bullies among boys because they are physically and psychologically stronger . Bullies call out names and are dominant they often physically atack weaker students. They hit or punch them.Pupils can aslo be attacked psychologically. They may receive unpleasant phone calls. If you are bullied, 5._______ . They will try to help you and find a way to solve the problems.

a) Both boys and girls can be bullies.
b) First of all, it happens because of the way they look.
c) If you don't know what to do
d) they have no idea what to do about it.
e) usually weaker and younger,
f) you must tell your parents or teachers about it.

Zadanie 3
Przeczytaj tekst na temat tego jak obrabiac zadania domowe i zaznacz literą T (True) jeśli zdanie (1-6) jest prawdziwe a literą F (False) jeśli zdanie jest fałszywe.

You have to do your homework but you don't know how to organize your work. Here are some tips to help you. Created a homework plan. Write down what you have to do and when. Start with the most important things. Find a suitable place. If you start doing your homework in he kitchen where your mum is cooking or in the living room where your dad is watching the news on TV, you will not be able to concentrate. What's more doing your homework will ake you more time than usual. It's better to find a quiet place where nobody can interrupt you. When you have started doing your homework , do the most difficult tasks first when you are full of energy. When you get tired you can do the simpler tasks. If there is something very hard and you have no idea dow to do it, don't worry ,just ask an adult for help or call one of your friends. Take a break. It's a very good idea to stop working from time to time , especially if you cannot concentrate any more. Be careful, thought. If you becide to take , for example, a 15 minute break, dont make it longer.

1. You should write a plan of your work. T lub F
2.Make a list of things to do. T lub F
3.The kitchen is a good pleace to learn. T lub F
4.You should do the easiest tasks first. T lub F
5. You should do your homework without any help. T lub F
6. You shouln't work all day without breaks. T lub F



Zadanie 1.
1. writing
2. know
3. say
4. coming

Zadanie 2.
1 - e
2. - d
3 - b
4. - a
5. - f

Zadanie 3
1. T
2. T
3. F
4. F
5. F
6. T