Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie opisu fotografii.Z góry dzięki.

The picture shows three children in the garbage.It seems to me,that they are siblings.In my view girl is 16 years ago an boys are 10 years ago.This girl is wearing a red sweatshirt and blue jeans.She is tall an to look slim.She is short black hair and dark skin.The first boy is very much like his older sister.He is also wearing a blue jeans,red sweatshirt and black peaked cap.He is dark skin and he is medium-build.The other boy is wearing a blue T-shirt.He is short,straight,blond hair and fair complexion.They are sorting rubbish.Boys are smiling and girl is borring.Perhaps the event to take place in city England or USA.




The picture shows three children in the garbage. It seems to me, that they are sibling. In my point of view the girl is 16 years old and the boys are 10 years old. The girl is wearing a red sweatshirt and a blue jeans. She is tall and slim. She has short black hair and dark skin. One of the boys takes after his older sister. He is also wearing blue jeans, red sweatshirt and black peaked cap. He has dark skin and he is medium-size. Second of the boys is wearing a blue T-shirt. He has short, straight, blond hair and fair complexion. They are sorting the rubbish. The boys are smiling and the girl is bored. Perhaps the event is taking place in the city in England or in the USA.