History of kingdom of england includes period from invasion in year 1066 Normanów and islands emerge south-east conquest great britain part < frequent >, for creation, on base of act of union from year 1707, united kingdoms of great britain Have have arrived . Authority proceeded in this period of time in kingdom from hands for hands many times, but dynasties were main dynasties ruling Plantagenetów, Tudorów and thousand year ago arrival has initiated many on islands first people england Stuartów.Historię. It has has remained , that is england today, part of united kingdom, it has been peopled lat (summer; year) by neanderthal men 230,000 b.c. near, first people (people) have appeared from sort 29,000 year ago Homo sapiens. However, first known human precipitates (settlements) emerge later, thousand year ago near 11, along with end last zlodowacenia. Many residues are placed on these fields from period mezolitu, neolithic age and epochs of bronze, as Stonehenge if (or) Avebury. England in epoch of iron, as whole the rest of britain on afternoon (south) from Firth of Forth, it was taken up residence by celtic people call Brytami, but it lived also tribes of belgians (belgians) ( as e.g. Atrebatów, Catuvellaunich, if (or) ) Trinowantów. Roman conquest of british island has been started in year 43 [ 1 ] ne; romans reigned for starts here century (age) V. Have have arrived after exemption (recapture) in (to) 407 on british islands axis roman legion near 450 year ( ) people german Hadriana Anglowie, saxons and 2 [ ] Jutowie, which (who) have organized several in britain fastly enough kingdom pogańskich patrymonialnych. It has has remained with run of time seven kent, by taken up residence Jutów, Wessex, Sussex and by saxons taken up residence Essex and eastern (eastern) england, Mercja and by taken up residence Nortumbria Anglów. These kingdoms rivaled for hegemony between them, but ruler, superiority has managed to get which (who), title bore bretwalda. Hitherto existing inhabitants of islands or celtic population from tribe Brytów, become (stay) completely almost wytępieni, beyond north-west part of england and cornwall. They have survived to it (him) by german tribes of wales subjugated also Celtowie and scotland