1. Tytuł książki
2. Oczym opowiada książka
3. Dlaczego ją lubisz co ci sie w niej podoba.
Jeśli chcesz zebym cos takiego pomogla napisac to zapraszam na pw ;)
The Antygona is drama book. The authors of the book is Sofokles. Sofokles was born in 496 before Christ. His the best works are Antygona and Król Edyp. He was author of dramas, actor and politician. Sofokles was very clever. Antygona is sister Polinejkes and Eteokles. One of the brother provokes a clash and dies. The king Kreon prohibits Antygona from bury brother. However she do it. Antygona is condemned to death and she commits suicide. Her fiance also dies. The king Kreon becames unhhapy He has bad fortune.Kreon is condemnt man. The main character are Antygona and Kreon. Antygona is doughter Edyp and sister Ismena. She hastwo brothers and fiance. She is young and rebellious girl. Kreon is husband Eurydyka and king of Teby. He is adult person. My favourite characters is Antygona because she is brave, honourable and loving sister. I am admire her. I would recommed it to teenagers and adult people but not children. This book is interesting and last part of the book was really exciting.