Napisać list do przyjaciela, w którym opiszę osobę, którą poznałam. Musi zawierać: kim jest ta osoba(poznana przeze mnie osoba),gdzie ją poznałam, wygląd, charakter, dwa powody dlaczego ją polubiłam oraz podać okazję, w której przedstawię poznaną osobę dla mojego przyjaciela(np. poznam Cię z nią podczas wakacji itp. )



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Monika,
How are you? Do you like your new home? I hope so. You have to send me some photos from your birthday. I couldn't be there, I'm sorry.
I heard that your parents bought you a little cute dog.What's his name? Are you going to visit my home?
I've got so much to tell you. I met a boy/girl on winter break. It was at the party. His name is Peter/Alice. She/He goes to school next to mine. We talked for a long time. I think I felt in love with him/her. I think he/she likes me, too. He/She has a long/short blond hair and beautiful, blue eyes. She/He wears a beautiful necklace. He/She is tall and thin. She/He so nice, friendly and very intelligent. I love spending my time with her/his. She/He is caring,what I like and the most important thing which I like in her/his it's a great sense of humour.
You will meet him, if you come to me on holiday.
I miss you! I hope we will meet soon.
......- Twoje imię