Put each of the following phrasal verbs in its correct place in the sentences below.

get down, bring up, take down, call off, try out, bring up, put up, see off

a. Don't worry about the journay to the airport. I'm coming to .... you .... .
b.The other car didn't stop after the accident but luckily I was able to ... its number
c. The car's in quite good condition but you can ... it ... before you make any decision to buy.
d. Would you like to ... any other matters before the meeting closes?
e. Stop worrying about it. Don't let this failure ... you ... .
f. I'm afraid we'll have to ... the meeting ... . Alice and John can't come.
g. Her parents died when she was eight and her uncle decided to ... her ... himself.
h. I've got a spare room, so I can ... you ... if you're ever here again.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A) see you off
b) get down
c) try it out
d) bring up
e) take you down
f) call the meeting off
g) bring her up
h) put you up