1.when you drive wear a seatbelt and be...
2.wow!that film was so...
3.busted are very......in England
4.don't cross the road here it's.....
5.Everybody knows David Beckham he's...
6.Those shoes are very..... they are so different
7.opposite of difficult....
8.Ł1 for the CD that's vety.....

ten kto to uzuełni dostanie naj



1. carefull
2. great
3. importnat
4. pedestrian crossing
5. footballer
6. pretty
7. easy
8. nie rozumiem co tu napisałąs ;/
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. When you drive wear a seatbelt and be careful.
2. Wow! That film was so interesting.
3. Busted are very well treated in England.
4. Don't cross the road here it's very dangerous.
5. Everybody knows David Beckham he's one of the best football players.
6. Those shoes are very cool, they are so different.
7. Opposite of difficult is easy.
8.Ł1 for the CD that's very..... - Ł1??