Tekst A:
The Small Language School.
If you are looking for the city life,then this is the wrong place for you!But if you would like a break from the city, you can study English here in the middle of the peaceful and beautiful Irish countryside. Have you ever tried an Irish breakfast? Do you like good food?We promise you fresh,healthy vegetables and traditional farmhouse cooking every day. You will be the only student,and you will be part of our family. We are near enough to Dublin for you to visit it for a day or two-or you may just want to stay here and enjoy the quiet country life. You choose!

Tekst B:
The English Academy
Come and learn English here at the English Academy in the heart of Sydney,Australia. Sydney is always lively, never boring. It is a fantastic, exciting city- and has beatiful, peaceful beaches to. The English Academy is only a few minutes' walk from the famous Sydney Opera Hause and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is close to the city's best libraries, cinemas, art galleries, restaurants and shops. Come and join one of our classes ( the average number of students per class is eight) - but be careful- you will never want to go home again!

Choose one of the schools and write your reasons.
I choose ......... because...............................



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Choose one of the schools and write your reasons.
I choose The Small Language School because I could relax from the city, eat healthy foods, and feel the family atmosphere.

ja wybrałam małą szkołe ponieważ, będe mogła odpocząć od miasta ,jeść zdrowe jedzenie,i poczuć rodzinną atmosfere.
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