Do każdej wypowiedzi(1-9) dobierz właściwe stwierdzenie (a-i).
1.Jack has eaten something which wasn't fresh.
2.Helen hes been badlybitten by mosquitoes.
3.Frank has touched a very sharp knife.
4.Wendy has touched something very hot.
5.Charlie has a runny nose.
6.Allan has too much work to do.
7.Fiona has broken her arm.
8.Gina feels dizzy.
9.Peter has twisted is ankle.

a.He is sneezing a lot.
b.She looks like she's going to faint.
c.He is suffering from food poisoning.
d.He is under a lot of stress.
e.He cnn't walk very well.
f.She has lots of bites on her skin.
g.She burned herself.
h.The doctors have put it in plaster.
i.He has a deep cut on his finger.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. c
2. f
3. i
4. g
5. a
6. d
7. h
8. b
9. e

7 4 7