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Did you know that both the author and editor of What’s So Bad About Being an Only Child? (FSG/Kroupa, Sept.) are only children? Author Cari Best and her longtime editor Melanie Kroupa both grew up without siblings, the same situation lamented by young Rosemary, the spunky protagonist of Best’s latest, who longs to have a bigger family.

“The idea came from Cari,” Kroupa said. “She’s an only child and she knew that I was an only child, too. When she started thinking about telling her story, Cari discovered just how many people she knows who are only children, and how many people in the world are only children.” In fact, it’s estimated that there are 20 million single-child families in the United States.

Kroupa is hoping that the book, which is illustrated by Sophie Blackall, has a reach even beyond that sizeable number. “I think it will strike a chord with kids and parents in those families especially, and I hope that kids with siblings will find something in it, too. Even kids who have brothers and sisters can relate to being the center of attention, being surrounded by adults and feeling the intense focus that is put on a child coming into a family.”

And there may be a readership that falls into the “grass is always greener” camp, too. “Sometimes kids who have siblings want to be only children,” Kroupa said with a laugh.

Over the course of the project, author, editor and illustrator discussed many of the feelings only children have, trying to capture just the right tone for the text and art. “Everybody’s experience is unique, of course, but some things are so typical of everyone who’s an only child,” Kroupa said. “There are advantages and disadvantages. As an only child, when you get older you don’t have siblings to help you care for your parents or shoulder a family crisis. And sometimes being an only child can be incredibly lonely, so you develop inner resources—I was a huge reader—that help you compensate for not having the fuller life experience of having siblings around.”

Early feedback on the book has been positive. At BEA and ALA this summer, Kroupa noted, “People responded to the title, the jacket and the idea of the book. They came up to the booth and said things like ‘That looks like fun,’ or ‘I was an only child,’ or ‘I know some only children.’ It has triggered a very personal kind of reaction.”

Though Best seems to have hit on an interesting societal trend, she didn’t take a calculated aim at it. “Cari wanted to set the record straight, to dispel the myth that only children are selfish, spoiled and have everything they could ever want,” said Kroupa. “What Rosemary wanted most, she couldn’t have. But she ends up valuing herself and bringing about change without whining. We all have to learn there are things we can’t have.

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I was an only child up until I was 13 (my parents divorced & dad got remarried, and had 2 more kids). I enjoyed being an only child because I was given ALL the love & attention. But I was also really independent & liked to play by myself & read. I think it depends on the personality of the child whether it is a problem or not. I'm planning on having more than one child mainly because I want a bigger familly than I had - the drawback is as an adult, I don't have any sibilings to have that relationship with. Other than that, I think it was fine.

I was an only child until I was 12 and I was fine with it. I love my baby brother and I'm thrilled he came along, but I was okay with being an only.

It's not really a "good" or "bad" thing. Childhood depends on your parents, not on how many siblings you have. There are definite pros to being an only child... increased attention from your parents, more expendable income etc. Only children tend to mature more quickly are typically quite precocious. As long as an only child gets plenty of interaction with other kids there's no problem.

Our son is going to be our one and only and he'll be fine. He'll have cousins, friends and classmates to socialize him.

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"Childhood is a part of life connected with our best memories . Although kids and later adult people who grew up without sibling have rather different memories and sometimes characters than people with sibling.The main reason of these differences is upbringing of children by parents .As everything in our live it has as many cons as pros ,
At first only child has usually more toys , clothes and generally stuff than other children , because maintenance of one kid is much more cheaper than two or three . The other thing is fact that it is very common that parents treat only child as a gift of God and they are spending with child more time than parents with several children .
In spite of these positive aspects upbringing of only child has some dark sides . These kids are often spoiled . They have everything for themselves and they can't share with other . That is why they are sometimes not liked by thier colleagues especially at the beginning of education . Second minus of being an only child is fact that most parents have much more higher expectations to these children . They want them to learn better , behave good . When only child is teenager he can't have fun on parties as often as his mates because parents are worried about him .
Summarizing , contrary to apperance being an only child has except many good things , also some bad sides . Parents should find a right balance in upbringing of children .

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