In room is two beds.There are table between to two beds.Two beds is yellow.Table is very old and in room is armachair.Armachair there is next to table.Room is green and on the walls is picture.On the table is pencilcase and book.In room is tv and nootebook.In cupboard is very full books and full maps.Wardrobe is red and two windows and door.

My room is yellow and blue. Big bed is at wall. My desk is under window. It is on this desk a lot exercise books always. Black carpet is on my center room. Brown table is in corner of chamber. Silver tv set is on table. Case is bed nearly. Case is with big mirror. My favorite dresses be placed in case.

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My room is great . There's one window .Under window is cupboard. My desk and chair are next to the wordrobe.There's a computer on my desk.My desk next to the door.There ' s a bookcase next to the door . There's door next to the wordrobe.My bed is next to the window.There's wordrobe is next to the bed.My armchair between to the desk and door.