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I don’t have much free time because I have very obligations. I’m preparing to my High school exams. I usually have free time in holiday and after school. There are many different things which I’m doing in my free time. In general I'm trying to spend my free time outdoor. When I return home I need some relax. Usually I’m watching TV, listening to Hip-Hop or surfing on the net and chatting with my friends. I like comedy and horror movies. If there is a chance I take my bike from garage and I ride for two hours. I really like sport. I sometimes meet with my friends on the stadium and we play football. Afternoon I go to the swimming-pool and I swim. Next I go to the pizzeria. In the evening I go to the discos. I really like music and dance. When I back to the home I’m doing my homework. This is wonderful and amazing time to me.



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Zmien very na many
zmien in holiday na during the holidays
amien some relax na to relax
from garage na from the garage
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