Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Our world is a hundred years will look very strange. People without friends will be able to buy robots that in a similar way as a man will behave and serve as a good company. Learn to cook, clean, wash and many other chores. And create artificial animals. Will listen in a particular way, and learn quickly. The whole Earth will be surrounded by a special coating that will protect people from the various gases and meteors that will fall on the planet, quite often. Beneath the surface of the earth will be in different laboratories and corridors dedicated instant train journeys. Construct various types of cars that will be able to float and fly across the sky. Nominate for these special vehicles road air. In houses all equipment will be operated electronically. Chairs, beds and even the cutlery will be guided by key connected to them. The school will be benches on which you mini-computers that allow students to easily find the materials they need for lessons. Instead, create food capsules, which will suffice for the whole day. Everyone will be wearing the watch, which allows contact with other people. You will be able to travel to other planets and explore the universe. Instead of TV will be a virtual players. The world will be no pollution because people will live without producing waste.
Also the world's many wars break out between them and people will argue. Man is greedy and selfish. Society no longer believe in God and will lose respect for other people. People will follow towards the annihilation of their breed. Researchers will carry out various experiments on humans and animals. Rising number of mutants that will serve as a weapon of war. The situation above may lead mankind to return to the era of "Stone Age". As a result of various wars and other activities can be destroyed most of the cities, and water from melting glaciers in Antarctica could inundate some continents. Survivors, people may start life from scratch.