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I was a schoolgirl. I go on school trip when my areoplane crasched. I and my friend, we are the only survivor. We are on the island, I don't now what she's name,but I think she's friendly.I hope so...
My island it's very dangerous,beacause i see the lion's and panther's. I'm very afraid. We have a lots of stcks. Every day we eat different and not goods food.We have a banans but she's on the long tree so we cant getting. In the oceans we have so much prowns,oysters and salmons.For breakfast we goes on the beach and lies couple minute,after we swimming in the oceans, the water it's worm. I liked this. In the night we're talked (i tu chce napisac ze rozmawiamy o rodzinie i o tym jak bardzo za nimi tesknimy) Night it's very quiet.
We have a plan to escape.We're going to the island.We build the boat. When i'm going to the my country,I'm write a book on my life in the islan.I finished school and i be a voyager,I buy a car and i go faraway.........................



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