Last part of trilogy about pirates. Jack Sparrow is in hatch Davy'ego Jonesa, his friends Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann as well as Hektor Barbossa and different leave to Singapore after showing on border of world road maps. The Sparrowa free from prison soon then, and take at IV Court of Justice of Brother(debates 9 the pirate rulers to which one should Sparrow also as well as the Barbossa). Barbossa assembles Pirate consisting with 9 pirates from 9 thalers Fraternity. Calipso want to free the mythical goddess of sea, to Becketta helped them to destroy army. Tia Dalma is this just goddess, Davy in which be enamoured once Jones. During she meeting it becomes chosen on Pirates' King Elizabeth, woman decides to fight from Wschodnioindyjską Company. During preparations to fight, Barbossa frees from carnal coat Calipso and it explains, that this Jones is guilty her imprisonment, goddess with anger calls out powerful water whirl. Soon between Black Pearl and it comes to fight Flying Dutchman, Will and they confess Elizabeth to me love, Hector gives them marriage. Will becomes wounded by captain with sword "Flying Dutchman” soon then, Sparrow helps wounded friend to pierce heart Jonesa Davy falls to sea abyss, and Will becomes new captain "Flying Dutchman”.