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I live in a house in Sydney. It`s got four bedrooms and a garden. Downstairs, when you go through the front door, you`re in the hall. On the left is the sitting room, on the right is the dining room (the dining room isn`t as big as the sitting room). In the front of you there`s the kitchen. Upstairs there are four bedrooms- my parent`s bodroom is at the front of the house, above the sitting room, and it`s got a balcony. My bedroom is above the kitchen. There`s a bathroom upstairs. It isn`t as big as the bedrooms. We`ve got two bathrooms, one upstair and one downstairs.
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My house is white and very big. I have a garden with one tree. My house have 14 white windows and four brown dors. I have a brown stairs inside. My house have a red roof and two black chimney. I like my house because it's pretty, comfortable not expensive and a have near to school.