One day when I was staying in the queque in the bank I saw man next to me holding a gun and shooting at the lady inside. He was tall and he had black hat on his head. His gun was not so big it was gun as you see usually in TV movies. After he asked the receptionist to give him all the money, he told all people inside no to scream and to sit down. Other one of the robbers closed the door and switched the sign from ,, open " to ,, closed ". While the lady was giving him money, other employee pressed red, alarm button under his desk. It was so sudden when police came. There was like 3 big usual cars, and few mans in civvies outfit. They went out and went behing the building to enter from back door. When 10 policemen entered the room 2 robbers were shocked, one of them shooted on the policeman, but other one just dropped his gun on the floor. After all we went to the police office to say what we saw and I asked about that injured policeman, they said he is ok, it was shoot just in his leg.
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