7.Read and fill in, match .

A.Prince Charles an Princess Diana's first child, a san, 1)was (be) born on 21st June, 1982,in St 2... (be) very excited because they 3... (have) a new princel Prince Charles 4)... (want) to call their son Arthur, but Diana 5)... (not/like) this name...
2.We 1)... (sail) very early in the morning. I 2)... (feel) really tried, but everthing 3)...(be) good sailros and interesting. The men 4)...(be) good sailros and the capitan 5)...(know) his job well. All the moen on the ship 6)...(like) Lonh John Silver. Silver 7)...(be) always pleased to see...
We 1)...(hear) a loud scream. Then, in Front of us, I 2)...(see) the terrible dog. Its mouth and teeth 3_...(be) hugel Suddenly, it 4)... jump) and sih Henry and he 5)...(fall) to the ground. The dog's teeth 6)...(go) for sir Henry's throat

Odpowiedajcie np.
A.1) was



1. was
2. was
3. had
4. wanted
5. didn't like
1. sailed
2. felt
3. was
4. was
5. knew
6. liked
7. was
1. heard
2. saw
3. was
4. jumped
5. fell
6. went

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4 3 4
A 1.was 2.was 3.had 4.wanted 5.didn't like
B 1.sailed 2.felt 3.was 4.was 5.knew 6.liked 7.was
C 1.heard 2.saw 4.was 4.jumped 5.fell 6.went
3 2 3