Dear friend,

You have no idea where I am!
By chance I went wrong and the plane broke up. we survibed the crash. All of them are gone by other plane. Ha you know why I am still here? Because here is wonderful. There are so many unheard of fruit and plants. Animals are friendly. here is so colorful as anywhere else. You must come here as fast as you can! On the envelope You will have gps numbers. Today I ran the hot coal, but not burned up because it magically coal, which does not burn my feet. I know the natives. here are beautiful women. I met a princess and I'm going to marry her. Yes! This is because of the wedding I want You to come.
I look forward to your arrival. greet my family and tell them that they mustalso arrive.
much love,
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Asia,
I can't belive I'm here in Naples on holiday! Everything is so different here. Do you remember the Bellinis? They live here now and I'm staying with them. They live in a beautifull old house close to the bay. At the moment, I'm haveing some ice cream and enjoying the wonderfull view.
The weather here is quite warm. Naples has over 400 churches and the city centre is clean. I spend most of my time with the Bellinis, walking along the waterfront or around the old city.
Neapolitans really love their city. They're vrry friendly and like haveing fun. They're quite good-looking, too. Most of them have got dark hair and brown eyes.
The food is excellent. Neapolitans like eating pizza, pasta and seafood. I love eating the fresh seafood here, especially shrimps.
Tomorrow, I'm taking the train to Pompeii to see the Roman sites. I'm also going to visit the Teatro di San Carlo opera house. I'm leaving Naples next Wednesday, so I'll call you then.
You really should visit Naples soon. It's a truly amazing city! See you soon.