Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Residents of the certain Californian town are heroes of horror of Rupert Wainwrighta. The hundredth anniversary of establishing the settlement will just approach, but instead of to celebrate residents of the port must defend themselves against apparitions resulting from a dense fog. The scenario of the film was based at cult already today horror of John Carpenter from 1980. The new film about the destructive fog is deprived entirely of the climate of the mystery, not mentioning already danger. Vicissitudes of a few young people and their trouble associated with parents or also a work are being watched with the same unconcern, as stages with attacking ghosts. A casting isn't also saving the film. Star of series "Smalville", Welling Volume, is equally unconvincing in the role of the lover, as well as the defender of the small town. Also Maggie garden hoes, well-known for other popular TV programme "Lost", is only a nice ornament.