Tryb 0
When I'm going to London, I always take an umbrella
If you don't water your pot plants, they die
If you can read this text, you don't need to wear glasses
Whenever Father made a promise, he always kept it
If you press this button, the alarm goes off
If the alarm goes off, call the fire brigade
Shrimps can be hazardous to eat if they haven't been cooked properly
When it is rainy, we don't go for a walk
If I work too much, I have a headache
When Jim finishes his work early, we have lunch together

tryb 1
If he works hard, he'll get a promotion
If he is still sleeping, he won't be on time
If Jim has received your SMS, he'll surely phone you
If it has been snowing all night, the children will be able to ski
If Susan can finish work early, she will do the shopping
If it is raining tomorrow, we're going to cancel our garden party
If you need any help, just call me
If he applies, he will get the job
If she catches the 8 o'clock train, she will be here before lunch
If you go out, don't forget to close the window

tryb 2
If I were taller, I would play basketball
If I won a million euros, I would travel all over the world
If you were coming to Warsaw, I would show you the sights
If I could have a day off, I would sleep till noon
If i had more money, I could buy a Mercedes
If I had a lot of money, I would spend it on charity
if Susan didn't smoke, she could save quite a lot
If you were coming Poland, I would take you to Cracow
If they were nicer, I would invite them more often
If i were you, we could go on holiday
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