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...and they lived happily ever after
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Diana Frances Spencer was born in 1961 in Sandringham, United Kingdom. She was the third daughter of Lord Spencer and his wife Frances. Only did her dad raise her, because her mum left them when Diana was six years old. She was a usual little girl - energetic, nice and joyful although she had to live with her stepmother whom she did not really love. She liked to wear lovely dresses and spent hours looking at herself in a mirror.

Diana was sent to the boarding school in Norfolk at age of nine. She was not a good student, but her friends found her very nice and helpful. When the little princess finished her school she spent some time in Switzerland. Then she came back to London and sharing the house with three other girls worked as a cleaner. A few years later she became a nursery - school teacher and that was what she really wanted to do.

In 1981 Diana at age of 20 got married. Prince Charles - her husband, and Diana herself seemed to be very happy, but their happiness started to fade away not long after the wedding day. Fortunately, she had two sons who gave her great love and brought real happiness to her life.

Diana Spencer was a great woman. She helped ill people to fight with their illnesses, collected and gave money to the poor. She was quite different than other women form the Royal Family. She did not agree with Queen Elizabeth II and always had her own point of view. I think that that was the reason she was liked and admired by the English.

Diana Frances Spencer died in a car accident in 1997. The whole world was shocked and mourned and cried for her. People say that The Rose of England did not die, because she still lives in their hearts.