Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednią formą (be going to albo will)czsowników w nawiasach.1. It's cold in there isn't it ?Just a minute!I......(turn on)the heating.
2.your car is getting old.J know !I.....(buy) a new one car in a few month.
3.Is this your guide book ?Yes I........(visit)some museum this weekend.
4.where are you going?I......(get)some bread from the bakery.
5.coul you help me with my homework ?of course.I....(help)jou wheni get home
6.would you like me to cook something for you?
no thanks ! I.......(have) dinner with priends later.
7.we ....(watch)a movie later on .do you wantto come over?okay I...(come)overat aboutnine.
8.lookthey are checkingthe microphone ?yes he ....(start)the concert.



1. will turn on
2.I'm going to buy
3. I'm going to visit
4.will get
5. I'm going to help
6. I'm going to have
7. We're going to watch
I will come
8. will start
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