At saturday I am waking up at about 10 o'clocl. Firstly I eat breakfast made by my mother. It is usually food what I love the most - pancakes. After breakfast I always take a shower and brush my teeth. It usually takes about half hour. Then I try to do my homework, when I finish math and biology I usually take advantage to watch some movies in TV. At 2 o'clock I have lunch then I go with my parents and little brother for a walk. After that Me and my father are playing football. In the evening at 6 o'clocl I have dinner then I am learning until half past seven. At eight o clock me and my family are watching some movies in TV. Then at half past ten I just read some book and go to sleep.
On Mondays I get up early because I have to be on time to school. At 6 o'clock my alarm clock rings and I get up immediately. I go to my bathroom where I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I get dressed and go downstairs to the kitchen. I eat breakfast, a few sandwiches and drink a cup of tea. At 7 o'clock I leave the house and go to a bus stop. I take the bus number 303 and go to school. It takes me about half an hour. At school I have six lessons: English, Chemistry, Physics, Art, German and Computer Studies. At 1 o'clock pm there is a longer break for dinner in a school canteen. I come back home at 2:30 pm and I have a rest. I usually watch TV or play computer games. In the evening I do my homework. After that I take a shower and go to bed. I sometimes read in bed or listen to music. I fall asleep at 10 o'clock pm.
I will write about monday. When i wake up i make up my bed and dress up. Then i am going to kitchen and i have breakfast. I am going brush my teeth and i am going to school. I have lot of lessons. I do not like school. I am finishing late lessons. I am going back to my house, i am eating dinner and doing homeworks. When i end them i sometimes going out with friends or playing computer games. I am going to bed at ten pm. That is my day.