Correct the sentences
1. He downloads music on he's computer.
2.I often help them with they're homework .
3.'Waths' s your phone number?Its 212573.
4Do you get up before we?
5.Their Having lunch at the moment.
6,What's the times
' They are ten o'clock.
7.Dad and me sometimes have lunch in restaurant.
8. We play computer games in us room.
2.Read the text in exericse 3 again. Write questions and then write short answers.
1./Lucy/ Vicky text messages?
2./Lucky and Vicky/the same hobbies
3.Vicky/ocmputer games?
4./they/TV together?
5. /they/fridens at weekends?



1. He downloads music on his computer.
2.I often help them with their homework.
3.What's your phone number? It's 212573
4.Do you get up before us?
5.They're having lunch at the moment.
6.What's the time? It's ten o'clock.
7.Dad and I sometimes have lunch in the restaurant.
8.We play computer games in our room.

Na drugie nie odpowiem bo nie mam tekstu.

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