Dear Monika ,
I've got fiend Aniella. She is very beoutiful and nice. she can ride a horse, but she can't swimming, so she don't like pool. her family is very funny. She has 2 sister(twince) , they are look like you. Her mum cooks the best cake on the world. Her dad can climb on mountains very well. This family is very goog frend, but aj miss you.
Now you whrite somethin about yor frend. Aswer as most faster.
Your (Mania)
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Dear Monika

Thanks a lot for your letter. Sorry I haven't written for so long but I've been really busy.
How are you? I hope that you are well Wzajemna pomoc uczniowskaand everything is alright.

In letter you asked me about my new friend Kate. She is my new roommate in a dorm. She is from Przemyśl. She lives there with her parents and younger sister Sue. Her mother is a nurse and her father is a baker. Sue is 10 years old and she goes to primary school .

Kate is 20 years old. She is studying history at The University in Rzeszów. She has got long hair and big green eyes. She is tall and slim. Kate is very dynamic and full of energy. She is a non-stop talker. She is an incurable optimist. Kate is so responsible that I can always count on her when I have a problem. She is the kind of person you can always trust. She is wise, ambitious and clever person.
I think we get on very well, because we've got the same sense of humour. She likes jazz and classical music very much. Good music is for her very important, she hates every kind of commercial music. She love travels and ride on bicycle like I. When we have some free time we go riding on bicycle's trip. We visit many interesting place in Rzeszów. Last Sunday we visited the underground route and it was an amazing place. She also loves learning languages especially French.

I think she is quite friendly but she has got one negative thing. She is smokes cigarettes. And I hate this! Sometimes we argue with each other, when she is smoking in room and she don't open the window.

Maybe you will meet her someday.
Anyway that's all for now. I hope to hear from you soon.

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