Opis w j. Angielskim . Odpowiadając na pytania z każdego pkt. Pilne , dziś muszę to mieć ;/ bo to ja jutro
1.A brief introduction. What kind of hause is it ? Where is it exactly?(w dwóch zdaniach)
2.Describe the house . What rooms does it have ? Does it have ? does it have any special characteristics? (rozwinąć)
3. Describe the neighbourhood . How far is it from places of interest, public transport, etc.? (rozwinąć)
4. Say who the house is suitble for. Are there any restrictions? (2, 3 zdania )



  • Użytkownik Zadane
I live in a flat, in a centre of Warsaw. It's quite noisy there, but I don't mind the noise. My flat has got six rooms. Two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living-room. I especially like my kitchen, because it's bright and modern. My room is cozy and like to read books at evenings in it, while listening to my favorite music from speakers. My parents' room isn't interesting, it's small and there aren't a lot of things in it. There are only a huge bed and a wardrobe. My parents spend most of their free time in living room, watching TV and reading books, so the living room seems more like their room.
Since I live in a city-centre, I have many neighbors and I don't remember any of them. What I like the most about living in the city is that there are shops, public transport and cinemas around. I can buy dinner when I'm going back from school, I can eat out or simply hang out with my friends in the park, or shopping-centre.
The worst things about city-centre is that wherever I try to get, I can't get there at time because of all traffics. I think living in a place like where I live is suitable for young people, that need to keep in touch with friends. Old people usually like peace and silence, so city-centre isn't the best place for them.