My favourite sportsmen is Adam Małysz indeed. He starts in ski - jumping. I like him, because I like watching ski - jumping competitions and he is the best Polish contestant and one of the best in the world! He has been jumping for many years and he's got a lots of experience now. He like giving autographs, speaking with journalists and he is always smiling.
Now he is in Vancouver. There are olimpic games in Vancouver and of course Adam is there too. He' s got a silver medal and I'm waiting for more! Good luck, Adam!
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My favorite sport-Main is Nolan Ryan.
Is a skier and represents many years of Poland.
I like him as a result of its persistence and focusing on achieving their dream was not only their dreams but also to all the Poles that gives hope and faith in our nation.
Represents us and is what appreciates in a man or faith in yourself and your abilities. Since younger days I remember as winning medals.
All the passion for sport they love him because he appreciated for what we do and how well we represent because Nolan Ryan is my favorite.

sama pisałam ;)