Poland is situated in the heart of Europe from a historical point of view it was extremely troublesome, but as far as tourism is a very good umiejscownienie. At this point, there is also the geometric center of the continent. What's important from Warsaw to Paris and London, flies only about 2 hours. plane, just over an hour to Vienna or Berlin. Therefore, more and more foreign guests visited Poland, either by spending holidays here, as well as conducting talks with the Polish business. Enable fast access still growing on Polish territory, airlines, international road and railway connections. Our guests' Half a million places to stay, thousands of restaurants and various entertainment. Poland is a safe and friendly for tourists visiting our country, which is confirmed by official international statistics. In Poland you can find almost everything from the nature of alpine mountains, the wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, and monuments, world-class and above all friendly people.

Journey to the Polish certainly proves to be an unforgettable experience. Visiting such places as the historic Polish cities: Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Torun and Poznan certainly proves to be an interesting experience and historic expedition into the past. Polish mountains in both summer and winter, are open to visiting tourists. Every year more and more ski resorts. Hotels represent a high standard of services, which emphasize the foreign tourists come to the Polish. Also the Polish sea has to offer many attractive places where you can relax from the busy bustle of the city.